Basav Pith…….Not Vyas Pith

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Peth Vadgaon (Abhishek Deshmane): Basavling Swami emphasized to use the word “Basav Pith” instead of the hitherto used “Vyas Pith”.

Lingayat is an independent religion with rich culture of Sharanas and all its resources should be rooted in its own cultural framework, he mentioned while giving his speech on the closing of the first day of 2-Day Sharan Culture Study Camp at Peth Vadgaon near Kolhapur.

The Chair of the Camp Dr. Ghugare emphatically told to use the word ” Sharanu Sharnarth ” instead of the largely used “Namskar” for greeting each other.
The study camp has history of almost a decade now and organized by Basav Drushti Kendra , Kolhapur.

This year the newly formed Vachan Academy from Pune has collaborated for the study camp.

The event has fetched attention of notable number of Lingayat youth who have been attending the event. There are Lingayat scholars from all over India arrived at the Camp to guide the young folks.

The valedictory ceremony will take place in the presence of Sharan Arvind Jatti.

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